Моторное масло премиум класса KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W-40 канистра 4л

Моторное масло премиум класса KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W-40 канистра 4л
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Fully synthetic lubricant of exceptional performance for the latest generation of car engines.



PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 is a fully synthetic, high performance lubricant specifically designed for the latest generation of passenger car engines, the result of long experience in numerous competitions and continuous scientific and technological research.

The product effectively protects the engine in an extremely wide temperature range, allowing safe and reliable use even in the most severe climatic and operating conditions.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 is formulated with the best synthetic bases currently available on the market and a performance package able to give very high detergent, dispersing, antioxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-foam properties. 
Furthermore, the use of Friction Modifiers additives with high thermal-oxidation stability allows the product to reduce friction and operating temperatures, favoring a prompt response of the engine and making the operation smooth and uniform.

The synthetic bases used minimize oxidation and the formation of carbon residues: this allows PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 to possess extraordinary characteristics of resistance to oxidation and deposit formation even in the presence of high operating temperatures. 
The low volatility of the synthetic bases present in the formulation also leads to a significant reduction in oil losses due to evaporation.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 has therefore an extraordinary resistance to thermal alteration and oxidation, avoids the formation of deposits on the valves and keeps the motor extremely clean.

The excellent fluidity at low temperatures compared to synthetic products with similar viscosimetric characteristics allows a reliable use in all climatic conditions: allows easy and safe starts at very low temperatures reducing to a minimum the danger of wear, especially in the "high parts" of the engine, deriving from the first moments of operation of the same.

The product improves the protection of all modern engines even under extremely heavy use and is compatible with most of the after-treatment systems used in modern cars.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 is perfectly compatible with all lubricants of the same use although a possible mixing with other products could considerably reduce the exceptional properties of the lubricant.

The PAKELO KRYPTON RACING series is available in various multi-grade viscosimetric gradations. 
The choice of the correct viscosity must be made on the basis of further evaluations such as: indications provided by the Manufacturer, type of engine operation, climatic conditions of use, requirements of greater performance or reliability, etc.


Application fields

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 has been designed for petrol engines, including turbochargers with high supercharging pressures, of the latest generation of passenger cars.

It is particularly suitable for engines of sports cars and racing cars operating at high revs and / or under high mechanical stress, even in the presence of extreme weather conditions.

Due to its particular characteristics, PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 0W / 40 can also be used in diesel and turbodiesel engines of modern cars and on previous generation engines.

The additivation used is the most innovative currently on the market: it allows to formulate products of the highest quality able to overcome the tests required by the Classifications and International Specifications, for which however a specific approval process is requested on constrained formulation.


Performance levels

The performance package used allows the following performance levels to be exceeded in the expected viscosities: ACEA A3 / B4, API SM, API SL / CF.

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